Capitalization/Proper use of apostrophe for omitted letters at start of quotation

Suppose I have a character who can’t pronounce the letter b, and I have him start a sentence with “bananas” in dialogue.

Is this correct, using a single quotation mark in front of a pointing away from a:

“’ananas! What will I do now?” Arun said.

Should I capitalize the a of “ananas”? It’s at the beginning of the sentence.


Yes, when you use an apostrophe to show missing letters that have been contracted out of the beginning of a word for whatever reason, you still use a capital first letter for the sentence, meaning you’d use a capital A. A common example we see is in answer to a question of why when someone answers with a form of because where they’ve omitted the be at the beginning.

Examples from published works:

‘Cause I don’t think he go to Placerville or Sacramento.

Corbett Mack: The Life of a Northern Paiute by Michael Hittman, pg. 144

‘Cause I don’t wanna be involved in nothin’ that goes on around

Getting Played: African American Girls, Urban Inequality, and Gendered Violence by Jody Miller, pg. 62

‘Cause I don’t care.

Misadventure: Monologues and Short Pieces by Donald Marguiles, pg. 76

Source : Link , Question Author : user237736 , Answer Author : Benjamin Harman

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