What time are we talking about in “She’ll have bought a new mobile/cellphone yesterday”?

I encountered this sentence when I was learning another language. I have never used such a sentence in English nor seen one, but it seems it exists. What idea does this sentence trying to convey? What time should we relate to? Answer Days of Future Passed In English we normally call this construction the future … Read more

At one time operating vs At one time it operated

Since “at one time” is a time indicator, shouldn’t the gerund “operating” be equivalent, while giving a better flow joining sentences? Or is it more confusing/improper? Preceding text of the same paragraph: While ***** currently serves western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia, the chain also served the Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York, Pennsylvania markets … Read more

How do I express a time point which is a decade ago, counting from another time point mentioned in a passage?

E.g., I would like to say X was almost impossible to be used in research until 2000s despite being invented a decade ago In this sentence, I would like to express that X was invented in 1990s. Would this sentence be understandable? Or do I have to say …despite being invented in 1990s? I would … Read more

Is there a better way to say “since the hour last changed”?

I am looking for a better, possibly idiomatic, phrase to describe the place in time “since the hour last changed”. A simplistic example: if the time was 6.31pm, it would be thirty-one minutes since the hour last changed. Another usage could be for whenever a counter is reset every hour, on the hour. For example, … Read more

Is there a word that means “measure time”?

You can measure the weight – it is called weighing. If you measure time, what is that called? Is there a single English word for this? I’m thinking especially in the context of measuring the performance of something, for example, to measure the time it takes for a computer program to complete a specific task … Read more