Why isn’t “connoisseur” spelled “connaisseur”?

From what I gathered on the Web, “connoisseur” is spelled that way because it is derived from the Old French verb “connoître” (to know) which has been spelled “connaître” for close to two centuries. Thus, the spelling I would expect as a native French speaker would be “connaisseur”. Is there a historical reason why in … Read more

What is the oldest variety of English in the Americas?

There are several varieties of the English Language in the Americas, from Alaska to the Falkland Islands. To mention just a few: American General and its varieties Canadian General Bajan Falklander Newfoundland English Guyanese Bahamian Trinidadian Bermudian Belizean And several other varieties, not to mention dialects, pidgins and creoles. Some varieties – not mentioned above … Read more