What’s the meaning of PD?

In Korea, they are using “PD“, denoting a person ‘in charge of managing a production as in a TV show or film'(wiktionary.com). But the word for the person seems to be director, not producer, who (producer) “supervises and controls the finances, creation, and public presentation of a play, film,”(freedictionary.com) ; “one (producer) who produces an … Read more

What does (R-TN) after a name mean?

An example: US Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) wants to make sure the Federal Communications Commission never interferes with “states’ rights” to protect private Internet service providers from having to compete against municipal broadband networks. From: http://arstechnica.com/business/2014/07/congresswoman-defends-states-rights-to-protect-isps-from-muni-competition Looks like some kind of an abbreviation to me. Answer It means that the person is a Republican member … Read more

cf. figure 8: good or bad?

I would like to use the abbreviation cf. to mean see, like I do all the time when writing in French. E.g. “cf. figure 8” would mean “see/refer to/check out figure 8“. I read on Wikipedia that While the use of cf. for “see” is widespread, The Chicago Manual of Style holds that it should … Read more

What’s the abbreviation for “elder” in American English?

I know that “Jackson jr.” means Jackson the junior, but what about Jackson the elder? How do they abbreviate “elder” in American English? Answer They don’t, because the word used is “senior”, not “elder”. (“Senior” is abbreviated “Sr.”) When referring to relatives, “elder” is most often used for siblings. In this context, its opposite is … Read more