Is there another word for “deported person”?

I am looking for another word for deported person, or a short form of saying it. Answer The word is deportee but you don’t want to use that outside of a legal or political context, it’s very uncommon in casual conversation. Normally we just say “he/she was deported” rather than using a specific noun. AttributionSource … Read more

Noun used as an adjective in “passenger seat”?

A friend of mine (a native speaker of Japanese) wrote “passenger’s seat”, which a native speaker of English corrected to “passenger seat”. has entries for the latter but not the former, but I wouldn’t be able to explain the grammar of it. Is a noun being used as an adjective? Answer Nouns frequently modify … Read more

Difference between “Trip”, “Travel”, and “Journey”

Are there any significant differences between words trip, travel, and journey (nouns)? Are those interchangeable words or are there any specific expressions which uses one of them but not another? Answer These three words can be synonyms, but have slightly different connotations. First, travel is usually a verb… I will travel to Washington DC. …but … Read more

Referring to letters of the alphabet

In Italian, letters can be referred to using their noun. For example, when speaking of the letter M, I could say La lettera emme è l’undicesima lettera dell’alfabeto italiano. (that is, “M is the 11th letter of the Italian alphabet”), or simply Emme è l’undicesima lettera dell’alfabeto italiano. What is the equivalent way to refer … Read more