Academic word for “squabbler”

I’m looking for a word to use in an academic proposal that conveys the idea that the individuals are fighting, potentially violently, and immaturely (optional component of the meaning) and should be separated. I found the word “squabblers” only, which isn’t really suitable for academic language. I’d be happy to receive hints (ideally British English … Read more

Using the Latin phrase ‘ante Christum natum’ in an English sentence

The phrase ante Christum natum translates to ‘before the birth of Christ,’ and Wikipedia says it is the (likely outdated) Latin equivalent to BC, in the same way post Christum natum is the equivalent to AD. I came across this phrase today and I’d really like to use it in a piece of academic writing … Read more

Is pan-project a word?

In order to refer to something across all the sub-projects or areas of the project. What else could be one-word or an efficient way of saying, “You are going to work pan-project”? Answer cross-project From M-W cross: extending over or treating several groups, conditions, or classes Christmas has become a cross-cultural secular holiday. These tests … Read more

Can a faculty be based on area1 and area2?

I’ve been writing a motivation letter for a grad school. The faculty I’m applying to is a “The Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics”. I want to emphasize that it is an interdisciplinary faculty which is the first thing I’m interested in it. There are mathematics faculties and computer science faculties separately which is the … Read more

Using imaginary word “Hamletian” in AP Engish Literature annotated bibliography

I was considering creating the word “Hamletian,” meaning “of Hamlet,” for use in an annotated bibliography, because I like the sound of “Hamletian criticism” much more than “criticism of Hamlet.” It could be used in a manner similar to the following: “. . . T. S. Eliot’s objections to Goethe and Coleridge’s Hamletian criticism in … Read more