Past participle of a verb created from an acronym

Standard GPL would require that those applications be GPL’d (or compatible licensing), whereas LGPL requires only the library’s source to be made available. Is the use of words like GPL’d common to other acronyms? Is the meaning of such words understandable from common people? Answer Yes, I think these are generally understandable to people. Converting … Read more

How do you read ISO numbers?

I came across an ISO, say ISO 12345:78, and wondered what is the way to pronunce it: For the ISO part, should I say… “ei” “es” “ou”? or “aiso”? For the 12345:78 part, should I say… “one” “two” “three” “four” “five” “colon” “seven” “eight”? or “twelve” “thirty-four” “five” “colon” “seventy-eigth”? or “twelve thousands, three hundred … Read more

Do you use “a” or “an” before acronyms / initialisms?

99% of the time, I’m clear on when I should use “a” versus “an.” There’s one case, though, where people & references I respect disagree. Which of the following would you precede with “a” or “an,” and why? FAQ FUBAR SCUBA [Note: I’ve read the questions “A historic…” or “An historic…”? and Use of “a” … Read more

What is the correct way to pluralize an acronym / initialism?

For example, if I wanted to write the equivalent of There are many automated teller machines in this city. Would it be There are many ATMs in this city. or There are many ATM’s in this city. (could get confused with possessive form or contraction). or just There are many ATM in this city. (assuming … Read more

What does “ROS” mean in the context of online advertisement?

At you can see two online advertising plans, one of which says: SELF-SERVE $500-$4,999 ROS global only What does the 3rd line “ROS global only” mean? Answer It stands for Run Of Site. This means if you go for ROS, your advertisement in the form of banner, link, image, media or whatever will run … Read more