“characteristic of this ongoing phase”

Then, in the West, a noonday crisis occurred as Christianity clashed with modernity, with secularization and a popular belief in “the death of God” characteristic of this ongoing phase. http://halik.cz/cs/tvorba/clanky-eseje/clanek/220/ Does a native speaker find the above sentence OK? I have the problems with the passage in bold. I would use (a) … belief in … Read more

Spiritual invocation

The priest read spiritual invocation and blow over him to cure his disease. Does the Adj ‘spiritual’ go with the noun ‘invocation’ as far as sense is concerned? Here spiritual invocation means ‘holy words’… Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Zeeshan Siddiqii , Answer Author : Community

meaning of ‘a theory of political human nature’

Which one is the meaning of ‘a theory of political human nature’? a theory of the political nature of humans a theory of the nature of political humans I myself guess the first one is meant. The phrase in context, from Political Ideals (1917) by Bertrand Russell: It may be said that the power of … Read more

What is the meaning of ‘a little too + adjective’? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: What is the difference between “a little late” and “a little too late”? (4 answers) Meaning of the phrase “little too”? (2 answers) Meaning of the phrase ‘a little too’ [closed] What is the meaning of little to bad? [duplicate] (2 answers) Closed 3 years ago. What is the … Read more

Using adverbs or adjectives before “present participle adjectives”

I am not sure about the difference between using “ly-formed adverbs” and using “sole adjectives” before “present participle adjectives”. I think in the first sentence “relentless” qualify “beating heat” , in the second sentence “relentlessly” qualify the “beating” ? 1-The relentless beating heat was beginning to confuse me. (sole adjective) 2-The relentlessly beating heat was … Read more