An adjective meaning having a more specific domain or subject?

The first view is about knowledge generally. But the second view is only about scientific knowledge. The second view is _____ . What word (adjective) or adjectival phrase to put in the blank? “Specific” doesn’t sound specific enough. (Pun intended) And I don’t know if “Domain-specific” can be used in the above sentence. Answer One … Read more

Adjective VS Noun as an adjective

I am often confused when it comes to a noun that is often used as an attributive adjective, yet this noun has an adjective form and this adjective form is described as “relating to (the noun)” by any dictionary. For instance: transformational and grammatical. When I describe a section of a test that contains questions … Read more

Persistently low lab values vs persistent low lab values?

I cannot seem to find the best way to express this, both in terms of grammar and "correct sounding" feel to English/American readers (which I am not). So, this is the scenario: the serum concentration of two peptides, peptide A and peptide B, is measured in a group of patients. The level of these peptides … Read more

About repeating nouns, adjs, and prepositions

Example 1: Historical economic data, meteorological data, and hydrological data were collected from various sources. Data referred here are all historical data. Should I repeat historical, and are the repeated “data” redundant? Example 2: This result can be explained by A, and by B A and B can be two clauses or nouns. Should I … Read more

What this means: “that is very nuanced”

Does “very nuanced” mean “very different” in this sentence? We are marrying the two up in a way that is very nuanced. Answer No, it doesn’t. Nuance : a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound. Source: The definition of "nuance" is a subtle difference. An example of "nuance" is the … Read more

Passive voice using the preposition “with” instead of “by” offers Verb smite: 6. (figuratively, now only in passive) To strike with love or infatuation. Bob was smitten with Laura from the first time he saw her. I wonder whether this smitten is rather an adjective at least syntactically Answer smitten adjective… deeply affected with or struck by strong feelings of attraction, affection, or … Read more

X vs. X-al adjectives (asymptotic vs asymptotical, etc.)

Right now I am writing a technical report, where I describe asymptotic(al) curves, expansions etc. My understanding after a bit of web browsing is that asymptotic and asymptotical are near-synonymous but the former is much more common (please correct me if I am wrong), so I will replace all instances of asymptotical by asymptotic. Is … Read more