Poetic expression with an adjective

If a dog is surrounded by happy people, can I express it as ‘a dog happy around itself’? I mean, is it technically possible even though this expression is very rarely used? In my native language, if flowers are in the red bottle, we can call it as ‘red flower.’ Answer No. You would describe … Read more

….. needs restricted firearm

The Chief Firearms Officer is interpreting “needs” in the Firearms Regulation two different ways for their own uses. The same word “needs” is used in the identical passage, except for what the bearer’s circumstances are. For those applying under 3(a) – guards for money – the word needs is taken by the CFO as being … Read more

the Position of Adjectives [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: What is the difference between an adjective before the noun and after the noun? (3 answers) Closed 4 years ago. Can an adjective come after a noun? For example; Deep caverns /Caverns deep What ‘s the difference between them? What’s the purpose of the second one? Why do we … Read more

Concrete evidence vs. obvious evidence

Which of these two words — concrete and obvious — can we use in this sentence, or are they both possible? “The Moon’s surface shows _________ evidence of having been affected by impact cratering, which occurs when asteroids and comets collide with the lunar surface.” I want to learn if there is a difference between … Read more

“generated data and information” vs “data and information generated”

The data and information generated are best interpreted in face-to-face meetimg. or The generated data and information are best interpreted in face-to-face meetimg. Which is correct? is there difference in meaning? Answer Either word order is fine. See this similar question: Help with Participle constructions, such as “the discussed problems” vs. “the problems discussed” As … Read more

Is adj+noun=noun+(which to be) adj?

It was not the action intentional = It was not the action which was intentional = It was not the intentional action. Is 1st sentence right and is it grammatically correct? is the 1st sentence equal to 3rd sentence? Answer As a native English speaker, the first sentence sounds very strange to me. I’m not … Read more