“Updatable” vs. “Updateable”: which is correct?

Which spelling is correct, “updatable” or “updateable”? For example, “The file is not updat(e)able.” By the way, I did go to Google and ref.dic.com for this first, and they both seem to indicate that both spellings are correct. If they are indeed both correct, which is more widely accepted? Answer Google Ngrams shows that updatable … Read more

Why does “I was happy to do my homework” work, but “I was tired to do my homework” doesn’t?

I’m teaching ESL, and I came across a question from one of my students that I don’t know how to answer. Using the form “{subject} {verb} {adjective} {infinitive phrase}” we’ve been going over sentences such as “I was happy to help you.” (More specifically, “I helped you. I was happy. -> I was happy to … Read more

What is wrong with the word “performant”?

I keep getting the red underlining in Word whenever I write the word “performant“. Here I intend to refer to something that performs well or better than something else (i.e., it’s more performant). Is there something wrong with that word? Does it mean what I actually want it to say? Answer Whether or not “performant” … Read more

What is the rule for adjective order?

I remember being taught that the correct order of adjectives in English was something along the lines of “Opinion-Size-Age-Color-Material-Purpose.” However, it’s been a long time and I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten a few categories (I think there were eight or nine). Can anyone fill them in? Answer I am re­mind­ed of how J.R.R. Tol­kien’s moth­er … Read more