“in favor” used adverbially

I’d like to know whether the phrase “in favor” can be used adverbially, e.g. They all voted in favor. Answer Yes. This is a common and natural usage. A quick google for “voted in favour” returns many such examples. For example, here’s a Wikipedia article with that usage in the title: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causes_of_the_vote_in_favour_of_Brexit AttributionSource : Link … Read more

“We also recently” or “We recently also”?

Title says it all. The sentence is We also recently started playing other games. or We recently also started playing other games. Which is preferable? Answer Neither choice is wrong. In my opinion its matter of emphasis. We also recently started playing other games, puts emphasis on additional games played. We recently also started playing … Read more

“To read this book later” and “To later read this book” – the difference

There is a dialog between two persons, and they are discussing some book owned by third person. There are 2 versions of phrase: To read this book later — ask John. To later read this book — ask John. There are two question regarding these examples: Which version is grammatically correct: first, second, or both? … Read more

Adverb position

She smiled shyly. She shyly smiled. which sentence is right? if the position of Adverb is not important, is it acceptable to write “Fast he runs” like this, then? it sounds weird, but it might be because I’m not a good English speaker. Answer Both of the first sentences are fine. Don’t say “Fast he … Read more

How to make the request stronger using “Please”

I understand, we can use the word “please” before, middle and after the sentence. Would like to know just by changing position of word “please” in any sentence, How to make a strong request? Position of “please” to make request very polite? Position of “please “ to emphasis on something? Could anyone please help? Thanks. … Read more