What does “their” refer to in this sentence?

I’m having a hard time with this sentence: Professional bodies will monitor, and if necessary, discipline members who do not adhere to their ethical principles. Does ‘their’ refer to the members or to the professional bodies? Answer I agree with @Nigel J in that the sentence is ambiguous, but if I had to guess: Short … Read more

Is it correct to use “his or her” after “Neither Jake nor Janet…”?

Is the following sentence grammatically correct: “Neither Jake nor Janet brought his or her homework to class.” I understand that it has recently become acceptable to use a singular they for ambiguous gender, but in this situation we can assume Jake is male and Janet is female. Is the sentence formally and grammatically correct as … Read more

What object am I referring to in this sentence?

I apologize if my question is too basic, my English is a little rusty and I have always had trouble with this concept: Consider the following sentence: Once I finished the project, I found that generating a beautiful image with a ray-tracer is a lot more challenging than actually implementing one. When I say “implementing … Read more

What’s the underlying grammatical structure of this sentence with three instances of “it” and two of “being”?

I just encountered the following sentence in The Oxford Guide to Style (p. 161) and could not figure out its structure: Since it⁽¹⁾ is being presented as a direct quotation it⁽²⁾ is treated as one, it⁽³⁾ being immaterial that the words are not in English. Why can the the final instance of the pronoun it, … Read more

Order of placing clauses in a two-clause sentence

Which of the following is correct: If you so desire, you may download the content. You may download the content, if you so desire. Apparently, they appear to be all same but, on critically examining the sentences, I find an issue with the first sentence. The issue is: the first clause in the sentence refers … Read more

Otherwise Usage

According to this definition 3 for “otherwise” in this dictionary, “otherwise” could mean: def 3: in a different way to the way mentioned An example usage is also provided: I wanted to see him but he was otherwise engaged. The definition of “otherwise” requires a previously mentioned way of acting. But the example sentence contains … Read more

conversations and store it/them

Is “store it” correct? I listen in to their conversations and store it all up to tell you later. I expected the example would read as follows: I listen in to their conversations and store them all up to tell you later. Cambridge University Press 2013 Answer I think that “store it” here is actually … Read more