Schools and Shoals

School, as a group of fish, entered Middle English: late Middle English: from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch schōle, of West Germanic origin; related to Old English scolu ‘troop’. (NOAD) Shoal, meaning the same thing, entered English two to five hundred years later in the 16th century: late 16th century: probably from Middle Dutch schōle … Read more

General verb for animal making sound

English language has different verbs for different species of animals making sound, many are onomatopoeias. But is there a general verb that can be applied to an unnamed animal? e.g., can I say “I heard an animal cry” (replace cry with the appropriate verb) when I can’t tell what animal is making this sound? Answer … Read more

Single word for the animal action of bending down

I’m looking for a single word to describe the bending-down motion that animals such as camels or elephants do to allow riders/passengers to more easily mount them. Answer Camels kneel, which is defined as “To stoop down and rest on the knee or knees.” 1 Examples of Use: Bârakh – בּרך (Strong’s #1288) To kneel, … Read more

A single word for non-domesticated animals that live among humans?

Is there a specific, single-word adjective for animals that live among human beings but are not pets, livestock, or work animals? Examples would be insect pests living in a house, like cockroaches or ants; birds that live in the trees in a supermarket parking lot and feed off of human refuse; or rodents or deer … Read more

How to describe an animal lover who is against pet ownership

Is there a particular term or a set of words used to describe someone who loves animals but is against humans owning them as pets? I am looking for a neutral or positive term. I was having serious dilemma about whether I should post this in the Pets sub-forum, but since the answer is an … Read more