Antonym of “billable”

I am looking for the opposite of billable; the context would be “billable hours”. A complete example sentence could be Sorry boss, the work I did from 9 to 10 is “not billable”. While writing a program, I encountered the technical correct, but somewhat ugly billable_true/billable_false-pair. I want to rename the first to “billable”, since … Read more

Opposite of ‘taking baby steps’

I already have giant steps / huge strides in the context of ‘Having previously taken tentative, half-hearted baby-steps Sophia began taking ——– towards attaining her life’s ambitions’. Answer Giant strides See Cambridge Dictionary online for examples of usage in this context, generally by British parliamentarians, e.g. ”Is this not a giant stride towards a nationwide … Read more

Why is the antonym of “within” not “without”

I’d suspect that many people would agree with the statement that the antonym of “in” is “out”, except for some peculiar situations perhaps. My natural chain of shower-thoughts led me to the word “within”. The antonym of “within” from many online thesauri is “outside”. This seemed logical to me, but if you consider the relationship … Read more

Antonym to word brother

Quite a few web resources claims that sister is an antonyms to word brother. I can agree with this in some way, but how correctly it is. So let say “relative” is synonymous for word brother. In the same time “relative” is synonymous for word sister. It seems like sister and brother in this sense … Read more

I heard inspecific is not a correct English word, but I find in some circumstances it makes more sense than alternatives

For example, if you were to say that something is particular to only one race, you’d say the trait is “race-specific”. So my question is, what is the opposite of this? I would say it’s “race-inspecific”, since that sounds correct to me and “race-unspecific” doesn’t seem to make sense. Neither does “race-nonspecific”. Edit: I think … Read more