What is the difference between S’ and ‘S?

What is the difference between S’ and ‘S? When can we use S’ and when can we use ‘S?? Answer Both express possession, of course. We use ‘s with singular nouns. For example, “my son’s toys” will be “the toys that belong to my son”. We use only an apostrophe (‘) after plural nouns that … Read more

“A patients guide” or “A patient’s guide”?

I am working on one of my employer’s websites, and we have a video guide up for patients of how a particular procedure works. The guide was previously titled “A patients guide to [X]”, but I have corrected it to “A patient’s guide to [X]” as I initially felt that that was correct, and Grammarly … Read more

Something a ‘stone’s throw away’ from something – what’s an apostrophe and an article doing there?

Mike’s house is just a stone’s throw away from mine. This means Mike is living next door. Stone’s throw away is an idiom to say something is quite near or at a very short distance. I understand this. The question is what is an apostrophe doing there? Is it possession? In any case how? Also, … Read more

How do I spell the possessive form of children?

In the sentence below, are the usages of apostrophes correct? In research about parent stereotypes, the correlation between parents’ beliefs about their early elementary age children’s’ mathematics abilities and the children’s actual abilities increased as children aged. Answer No. The rule is simple: For regular plurals ending in s, the possessive suffix is ‘. In … Read more

Plural form of “brother-in-law” when a possessive case is involved

1) My brother’s friend’s opinions 2) My brothers’ friend’s opinions I hope “1” and “2” are pretty clear and correct. Now, let us suppose that the brother in “1” is a brother-in-law and that all the brothers in “2” are brothers-in-law. Question is: How do we rewrite “1” and “2” in these cases? Following the … Read more

When a word ends in ‘s’ or ‘x’, do you add ‘s or just an ‘?

1) Alex’s house 2) Alex’ house When the noun ends with the letter ‘s’ or ‘x’, do I need to put ‘s’ after an apostrophe or not? I remember I read some rules related to this in my school grammar book, but now I’ve forgotten it. Answer X-case Use the regular apostrophe s: “Alex’s” is … Read more

What does `’s` mean in “What CPU’s will it run on?”?

Does it indicate a possessive adjective or just a plural noun? If noun, why it is not CPUs (without apostrophe)? Answer It’s one way of showing plurals that is used with acronyms. It’s widely-used, but whether it is correct is the subject of debate. It may be best to avoid its use in formal or … Read more