“… is called Minkowski space” or “is called the Minkowski space” and WHY?

I met both constructions in quite respectable texts. Is it a matter of taste, or of a shade of meaning? Answer There is a shade of meaning. Minkowski space is a mathematical entity that can be studied and applied to several different cases, but there is one specific case which stands out, as this entity … Read more

“cure for the COVID-19” vs. “cure for COVID-19”

According to post Difference between “infected with” and “infected by”, “COVID-19” might be the name of that disease. Therefore, there should be a “the” before it when one mentions it, right? cure for the COVID-19 However, lots of posts use cure for COVID-19 Is “the” there obligatory, optional or unnecessary? Answer Look again at the … Read more

Question about articles: Why is “before the train came” correct?

Example sentence: I had a little time before the train came. Would you please explain to me why it is correct to use “the” before “train”? My teacher told me that “the” is used before objects well-known to both speakers and that if a noun is used for the first time we shoud use “a”. … Read more

Difference in the meaning and the grammar between “take a bite out of the stings” and “take the bite out of the stings”?

What is the difference in the meaning and the grammar between Take a bite out of the stings and Take the bite out of the stings in the sentence, The jellyfish are still here. There are millions of them and they’re stung me all over! I’ll make a mixture of seawater and baking soda. That’ll … Read more

An “a” article doesn’t become a “the” despite the fact it was already mentioned

With her watching, I’m a liar. She’s a fake. She’s the liar. …(7 sentences, another paragraph)… To Marla I’m a fake. Source: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk “I’m a liar. She’s a fake. She’s the liar.” Looks like here “a” become “the” because “liar” was mentioned already and we should use a definite article. But … Read more

When refer something immediately after it, should I use “a” or “the”?

I guess I understand the basic rules of “A/an and the” in Cambridge Dictionary grammar tutorial. However, I have no idea which rule in that tutorial fits the following situation. A post use article “the” in this way A research paper uses the term “proxy data sets” in this way where “the term” refers to … Read more

“Get used to cold weather” or “get used to the cold weather”?

Could you tell me if have to use the before cold weather. For example: I’m sure you will get used to (the) cold weather in this country. Answer In your example sentence you are referring to the cold weather experienced in a particular country. The definite article would not be necessary if you were speaking … Read more

Should I say “sent by post” or “sent by a post”?

Should I use article “a” in this sentence? Has anyone sent documents by post or Has anyone sent documents by a post? Answer “Post” in this sense is an uncountable or mass noun (as noted by Longman), so you’d always say “by post” (or “in the post”, “via post” or “by mail”), never “by a … Read more