Why is “what’s what?” always wrong as a question?

When I talk to somebody, and I miss a certain part(word) of the sentence they said, I have a habit of replacing the unheard part with what and ask the same sentence like this: Speaker: Can you please pass the texta(missed)? Me: Can you pass what? Speaker: Why don’t you drink coffee(missed) in the morning? … Read more

When I use intransitive words, should I put the adverb after the intransitive words?

For example: She sings loudly In which stuation can I put the adverb before the intransitive verb? Can I say: Someone totally is beautiful or Someone is totally beautiful Answer Only verbs, not other words, can be transitive or intransitive. Transitive verbs take a direct object, Intransitive verbs do not. Many verbs can be ued … Read more

Turned/might have turned

I heard in an australian tv show a lady says: If my mother was alive today, she turn in a grave to see the way i am treated. So the question here is shouldn’t she had said: she might have turned in a grave. Or they both make the same sense? I know the statement … Read more

They question or expression

This is a conversation between two girls I heard in audio. Bride and her mate were talking about the groom. Lorrain look what we both are doing. We’re picking on poor Des to pieces the night before the wedding. My question here is which one is appropriate here : what are we both doing or … Read more

Meaning of “don’t you ever let up”

In a TV show I heard this: An asian girl comes in a park. A girl in a group of friends says “Look what the cat dragged in”. A boy(her boy friend) in the group says “don’t you ever let up. What does he mean ” Let up” Here is the link:-> https://soundcloud.com/sukhjinder-singh-626913618/neighbours-joke Answer If … Read more