Where should “efficiently” go? “…to use ___ the money we collected ___.”

I need to answer a business-related e-mail. Which one is correct grammatically? We request your approval to use efficiently the money we collected. We request your approval to use the money we collected efficiently. Answer The correct option is #2: We request your approval to use the money we collected efficiently. Alternatively, you could write: … Read more

Hello, which one is correct grammatically?

Please share your offers with me to evaluate. Please share your offers to evaluate with me. Please share with me to evaluate your offers. Answer The first two are grammatically ok but could be interpreted slightly differently. Please share your offers with me to evaluate. This suggests that you share the offers you’ve had with … Read more

“He is said to have known peo­ple” vs “He is said to know peo­ple”?

I came aross a ques­tion like this: As a pub­lic re­la­tions of­fi­cer, he is said ________ some very in­flu­en­tial peo­ple. to know to have known There are two avail­able an­swers to this ques­tion. The first is to know and the other is to have known. I chose the first ver­sion, to know, but it said … Read more

Things that go “hand-in-hand” to make me resign

Looking for a formal sentence to explain the reasons for leaving my previous job, and for some reasons i insist on using the phrase “hand-in-hand” in the sentence. Is it formal and grammatically correct to say: “Interpersonal conflicts, discrimination, gossips, harassment and bullying, all went hand-in-hand to make me quit/resign” Appreciated. Answer It’s perfectly grammatical … Read more

What is the purpose of (-s) in “Don’t hurts us”?

Shouldn’t verbs after “to do” always be infinitive? If so, then what’s the purpose of adding the suffix “-s” ? Image from Middle Earth- Shadow of Mordor || Gollum says: Don’t hurts us! Answer Gollum’s speech is consistently shown as non-standard. He regularly adds an additional “-es” to already plural words (eg “pocketses”). This is … Read more

Infinitive and present perfect together?

I am not sure if the following sentence is correct Nonetheless, I consider that living with and have trained my own dogs have helped me to gain hands-on experience Can somebody please help me? Thanks Answer The problem with your phrase is that it mixes an infinitive verb form with the simple past, and the … Read more

Is is possible to say “Admit to something being something else”?

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out whether the sentence below is grammatically correct or not. (is it okay to say admit to something being something else?) “The Prime Minister admits to the education system being in a bad condition” Thanks in advance. Answer Lawrence pointed out “Grammatically, the sentence looks fine … Read more