Is it mandatory to use contractions in tag questions and the like?

Example 1: The weather is hot, isn’t it? vs.: The weather is hot, is it not? Example 2: Aren’t you going to study tonight? vs.: Are you not going to study tonight? Apart from convenience in pronuncation, how do the above versions differ (contraction vs. full form)? Answer It’s just extremely common to see tag … Read more

What is the name for a question that decides what further questions to ask?

I am struggling to come up with what this would be called, but it feels like there is almost certainly a word/phrase for it. For example, let’s say we have a survey and the first question is a yes or no type question. Answering yes may lead to just one more question, while answering no … Read more

Does a question mark (?) come to the end of a sentence which starts with “How to …” ? if no/yes why?

Do these sentences need question mark? How To Repair and Restore Windows 10 (?) Or How to fix java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Ljava/beans/Introspector error (?) (this is a programming question) Answer I think it depends on the intent. If you are actually asking that question, then the mark should appear. How to restore Windows 10? … Read more

How should I punctuate/capitalize the following question?

Is the following question punctuated/capitalized correctly? “What’s that, a dishrag?” Or should it be two questions? “What’s that? A dishrag?” Or would a third option be best? Thanks! Answer The capitalization is correct, and a third option you could consider is “What’s that—a dishrag?” using an em dash. This punctuation guide may interest you. AttributionSource … Read more

Whom, who or that?

Which is the correct sentence? Match me only with people I kissed or people that I am following or Match me only with people I kissed or people who I am following or Match me only with people I kissed or people whom I am following Or are they all wrong? Answer These are correct. … Read more

QQ which one is right?

The owner of this equipment has cleared the meeting room, last week. The meeting room was cleared from the unnecessary equipment by the owner, last week. Answer ‘Last week’ plus present perfect is incorrect it should be the previous week or the week before. The second sentence is correct BUT not very nice because it … Read more

Is there a term for the process of unintentionally making easily understood tasks or objects more complicated after “re-designing” it?

I have a word on the tip of my tongue but I am unsure if it truly exists. Is there a term or concept either in design, architecture, programming, etc. that involves recreating or reinventing the way a person interacts or performs a task presumed to be efficient, simple and easy, however, due to the … Read more