Sequnce of tenses in the sentence

Is it okay to use different tenses in this way? Try to find an area where science isn’t needed, where experiments weren’t perfomed. Answer Certainly two different tenses is perfectly fine, and in fact, changing the second to present tense, as was suggested, would completely change it’s meaning. As written, the implication is there are … Read more

Does “Each product is defined into final detail” have a meaning?

I was asked to proof-read an english text. The sentence “Each product is defined into final detail” caught my eyes, as I do not know if it is valid. I believe the client wants to say “Each product is defined down to the last detail.” Now I am not sure. Is the first version in … Read more

Didn’t find what (you are/you were/you’re) looking for?

I’m trying to figure out how best to word the above sentence. It’s for a web page, and at the bottom of the page there will be a search bar. To me “you are” or “you’re” is the best fit, because the idea is you’ve scrolled through the page, and not found what you’re after, … Read more

Meaning of “niche” in “he knows the niches of this or that genre”

He knows the niches of this or that genre. Which meaning is intended here? He is a master at every genre and knows everything about them. He has a shallow knowledge about every genre. Answer Given the full sentence But there are professionals who write (and think) very amateurishly and amateurs who know more about … Read more

“New York is a great place to live.” (no preposition?)

New York is a great place to live. New York is a great place to live in. I’ve seen the former usage a lot and I’ve started wondering what the grammar aspects of it are. The main question I’m asking involves the grammar when the preposition in the end of the sentence is deleted. Is … Read more

Alternate word for impersonate in terms of Items or things

Well actually I’m searching for the right word for a particular scenario or maybe behavior. Suppose I go to a shop and ask for an item but they don’t have it. Now the sales person’s priority is to make a sale and he impersonates (I know it’s not the right word) another item and tells … Read more