is the following sentence correct? “Please select each articles condition.”

A customer should choose the condition for each “article”. “articles” is also the plural form of “article”. so is “Please select each articles condition.” correct, or should i use something like “…article’s…”? Thank you in advance. Answer If you mean ‘the condition which each article is in’, yes, you need the possessive article’s. AttributionSource : … Read more

Which form is correct with pursue?

I am not sure about which of the following forms would be correct: I was pursuing my passions studying CS at University I was pursuing my passions by studying CS at University I was pursuing my passions when/while studying CS at University What I would like to say is: I was very passionate about something … Read more

Name for a business model where you get free ‘basic’ packages

I’m looking for a term for a business model that includes free base packages and charges you for the amount of service you require. Some examples: Unity, pay once you make 100’000 Google Drive, Dropbox, …, pay for more space Free webhosting and one database, pay more for better stuff Is there a name for … Read more

Why in business, horizontal market are called horizontal and vertical market are called veritical?

Horizontal market serves a wide range of buyers for example cars like mercidies benz, Honda civic, Toyoto corolla but in contrast vertical markets are quite focused to serve needs of specific groups of buyers like F1-Cars or race cars. My question is why horizontal is called horizontal and vertical market are called veritical? Is there … Read more

Opposite of “granular”

What is the opposite of “granular” in the following usage? granularity The level of detail considered in a model or decision making process. The greater the granularity, the deeper the level of detail. Granularity is usually used to characterize the scale or level of detail in a set of data. I’m looking for something … Read more

Term for an unachievable goal which should be aimed for

Is there a term to describe a goal which it’s unlikely will ever be fully achieved, but should be aimed for anyway? E.g. “All business processes should be fully documented” is a great goal to have. It’s also a pretty unrealistic expectation that this goal could ever be met when the shear number of processes … Read more

“Body Leasing”: Is it English?

In my country, we sometimes call working arrangements where one company “leases” individual employees to another “body leasing”. “Body” and “to lease” are obviously English words of good standing, but is the term itself used outside of Germany? When I google it, I get mostly German results (and the English ones might be from Germans … Read more