“Go by foot” vs. “go on foot” [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: “By foot” vs. “on foot” (10 answers) Closed 7 years ago. This is a very simple question, yet I did not find anybody that could give me a satisfactory answer. I would say “go by foot”, but it seems that “go on foot” is used more often. Which one … Read more

Prepositions: “The confusing widgets of language”

The title is adapted from an article in THE WEEK, written by James Harbeck. Well worth reading if you ask me. I don’t particularly like prepositions. They are small, seemingly insignificant things that meddle with my writing. Living “abroad” so many years has resulted in me double questioning the validity of certain phrases and expressions. … Read more

“By foot” vs. “on foot”

Which one is correct? I go to school by foot. I go to school on foot. Are there instances when the expression by foot is preferred? My last question is the following: Why is the singular noun, foot, used? If a person goes to school by bus/train/car they are using only one means of transport, … Read more