Complemented with or complemented by

I read the sentence The food was complemented with an array of musical bands. My question has two parts: Can food be complemented with music? The difference between complemented by and complemented with. Are both correct? If not what is the difference? Answer It’s a passive construction. “Moscato wine complements chocolate” = “Chocolate is complemented … Read more

“Clouded” vs “clouded over.”

What’s the different between the two? Example: My mind clouded with murky thoughts. My mind clouded over with murky thoughts. (By the way, should it use with or by?) Answer My mind clouded with murky thoughts. My mind clouded over with murky thoughts. At face value, they are equivalent. From the OED: Cloud (of the … Read more

Difference among Show as, Show with, and Show by

Is there any differences among theses sentences? Which one is better? We show the quantity with n. We show the quantity as n. We show the quantity by n. Answer I am making a wild guess that you mean “We use n to represent the quantity”. If so, none of the three options clearly means … Read more

‘with’ or ‘by’ case studies

I have the following sentence: “Section 4 demonstrates the benefits of the developed methods with three case studies” Is ‘with’ correct here? Or do I have to use ‘by’? I’d appreciate every comment. Answer Use by instead of with…. We use by when we say what we do to get a result.  See: So ” … Read more

“Challenged by” or “Challenged with”? How to decide whether to use “by” or “with”?

Freedom was challenged with/by the clashing wills of powerful states and evil designs of tyrants. Which one to use “by” or “with”? Answer For this example, you should use “by”. “Freedom was challenged by the clashing wills…” “to challenge with” is a transitive verb that requires some object that acts usually appears as an -ing … Read more

Can you clarify the structure “impress somebody with/by something”?

I found this structure in but I am a bit confused about it. Ok, to impress somebody with/by something: to make someone feel admiration and respect about something (Source) And the Source has these examples: Example 1: We were very impressed by the standard of work. I think the above sentence can be rewritten … Read more

Which preposition should follow “facilitated” (by or with)?

Which preposition is correct to use with facilitated? This product is facilitated with three powerful tools to help you in testing tasks. or This product is facilitated by three powerful tools to help you in testing tasks. Answer I agree with Deadrat that a process or action may be facilitated. That is, they may be … Read more

Is “augmented with” or “augmented by” preferable?

Which is the preferred preposition to use after the word “augmented”, as in the sentence “A is augmented with/by B”? Does this depend on context? For concreteness, I am interested in mathematical usage, as in the “The set is augmented with redundant vectors for greater numerical robustness”. Answer The usage “A is augmented by B” … Read more

“fine by me” vs “fine with me”

So, fine with me is the standard way to say it. But fine by me is ok, and dictionaries confirm that. The only mention that it should not be used is here: But what is the background of fine by me? Is it rude/redneck/chav/kid/archaic/odd ? What would be an impression about the speaker, when … Read more