What does “two-meal” mean in “There’s nothing that could get him away from that two-meal town.”?

It’s a quote from the movie "The Godfather II", Tom and Frankie’s scene: Frankie: Did my brother go back? Tom: Yeah, don’t worry. Frankie: He’s ten time tougher than me– my brother. He’s old fashioned. Tom: He didn’t want to go out for dinner. He just wanted to go straight home. Frankie: That’s my brother. … Read more

Meaning and etymology of the “Rhodesia Solution”

An example of the term “Rhodesia solution” being used is in The whisky Priest, an episode from the BBC comedy series Yes Minister, which follows a government minister and some of his closest staff while he faces all sorts of problems. Here is a link to some of the scenes in which the term “Rhodesia … Read more

Cinematic term for: A known symbol confirms the location of the scene

What is the term for when a scene in a film shows e.g. the Eiffel tower so that the viewer knows that the scene takes place in Paris. I know the term exists but I cannot recall it. Answer It’s called an establishing shot. An establishing shot in filmmaking and television production sets up, or … Read more

What is the meaning of phrase “Why on earth”

I was watching a movie “Tangland” and one character says to another: “Why on earth I would do that.” Could anyone please tell what is the meaning of this phrase and how I can use it in different scenarios. Answer It’s similar to the phrase “Why in the world…?” It’s basically asking the question “For … Read more

Meaning? “One of a kind. Top of the line. A real doggone keeper”

One of a kind. Top of the line. A real doggone keeper This a phrase spoken by Walter to Chris in the movie “Get Out”. YouTube link I think I can understand the first two phrases… “One of a kind, top of the line” means the best female among all other females. Okay, but what … Read more

What is meant by “Are you even up there?”

I have seen “The edge of seventeen” movie last Friday. In that film, Nadine used to say this sentence (See image) Can any one tell me what it means? Answer The phrase questions whether the target of the question exists or is located where the speaker assumes. Thus, if playing hide-and-go-seek where one child hides … Read more