why should we use looking forward to seeing you instead of see you

I know that “looking forward to” is followed by a gerund but I do not know why should we use a gerund like seeing and meeting instead of the infinitives like see and meet. Is it a matter of grammar, or usage? Answer Answer in the form “looking forward to seeing you” we are trying … Read more

The usage of ‘to’

My problem is that I don’t know whether I should use ‘to’ or not when I say the sentences I wrote below. Can anyone tell me which one is right and why, ‘have you gotten New York safely?’ or ‘have you gotten to New York safely?’? I don’t know what to say when it comes … Read more

“from where it was stopped” vs “from where it has stopped”

This question is about the usage of was and has. Which sentence is correct? The match will resume from where it was stopped. The match will resume from where it has stopped. What is the difference between was and has in this scenario? Answer They are very different constructions, though both are (probably) possible here. … Read more

Does “the weed” refer to tobacco or marijuana?

In The American Pageant by Thomas A. Bailey, the writer is using “weed” to rephrase “tobacco”: By 1612 he had perfected methods of raising and curing the pungent weed, eliminating much of the bitter tang. … Virginia’s prosperity was finally built on tobacco smoke. This “bewitching weed” played a vital role in putting the colony … Read more

“Value as” vs “Evaluate as”

I am writing an essay about time and its characteristics. In the introduction, I have a sentence, "It [time] became one of those rare things people evaluate as priceless." As far as I am concerned, here, it is more appropriate and natural to use value as instead of evaluate as. I have approached two questions: … Read more

so much [verb] as [verb]

This is from a book that I’m reading. The whole quote is: The bubble doesn’t so much burst as evaporate, leaving us back in the real world. I looked “so much as” up in the dictionary, it only gives something like “even” as meaning. I didn’t see any usage example that looks like this one. … Read more

Where to place ‘are’ in not only… but also

I’d like to ask which of the following sentences is correct? These methods not only are efficient, but also raise the performance of our system. These methods are not only efficient, but also raise the performance of our system. Thank you! Answer If both descriptions were adjectives, I would expect to see These methods are … Read more

aid/aid in (Transitive or Intransitive)

When do I use “aid” as a transitive verb and when do I use “aid in” (aid as an intransitive verb)? According to Macmillan English Dictionary [INTRANSITIVE/TRANSITIVE] to help something to happen more easily or with fewer problems Gentle exercise aids the circulation of blood around the body. Vitamin C aids in the absorption of … Read more