What is the grammatical topic of this shortening technique?

Extracted from an English cloze test: …..these virtual selves exist in the same online spaces that many people use every day. And this is a new and unfamiliar phenomenon that some people might find___________ — previously dead people were not present in this way. trouble troubled troubling be troubled to trouble The answer is 3 … Read more

Damage vs Harm in this context

Most scientists believe that when we sleep, we allow time for essential maintenance work to be done. Any ________ there is can be put right more quickly if energy isn’t being used up on other things. In this FCE multiple-choice cloze I need to pick between harm and damage. From the research you can find … Read more

What’s the content of the conversation?

I practiced a TOEFL(simulation) test yesterday, and I came across this question (which is in the listening section) that says : https://www.mediafire.com/file/t9f0ev397vztmez/300.mp3 That’s the link to the audio file I downloaded from the TOEFL(simulation) test. The question goes like this: W : I can’t keep up with this car anymore. M : I know exactly … Read more

“The species/species’/species’s survival…”

Ok, I am really confused regarding apostrophe with the s and the end of the word. I have looked through multiple sites only to see multiple viewpoints. And, on tests they test it differently. So, can anyone help me with the following problem: The only evidence of the species survival before its rediscovery at the … Read more

Which is better in this sentence, “maintain” or “continue”?

“If a conversation starts angry, it will almost certainly _____ angry.” This is a question from a cloze quiz, the two options are “maintain” or “continue”. The answer key says that “continue” is the correct answer, but I never heard someone say:”continue adj.”, only “continue to be adj.” I do however believe that “maintain adj.” … Read more

Test for intransitivity of verbs?

Is it true that if any verb is immediately followed by a prepositional phrase, then it has to be an intransitive verb? As a counter example, I need a sentence which: (i) has only one verb, and (ii) the verb should be of only one word, and should not be intransitive and immediately followed by … Read more