common plural noun [closed]

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my family go/goes together in American and British English

I’m wondering if the addition of “together” can affect the choice of number in the following sentences in American and British English: My family always go/goes to church on Sunday. My family always go/goes to church together on Sunday. Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Apollyon , Answer Author : Community

When and why do/does “staff” as a collective noun get plural/singular pronoun/verb?

I know that collective nouns such as staff, team, crew, and family can get both singular and plural pronouns/verbs in different situations and contexts, but my question is only about staff when used to mean “a group of people who are personnel or employees of a same company.” When and why does staff get plural … Read more

Using articles a/an with audience?

If the IPL has succeeded in drawing an audience across the country, it is because cricket has always had a strong foundation and a dedicated audience. I understand audience is a collective noun and the verb with it can be singular/plural depending on context. But is using articles, like the highlighted an, all right to … Read more

Should a verb in the phrase “A family of animals” be singular or plural?

A family of rabbits is playing in the garden. Here can I use are instead of is? According to Combridge dictionary, is or are is correct here, right? [C, + sing/pl verb]: Answer Strictly speaking, “is” is correct because “family” is a collective term. “A family” is singular. ‘Rabbits’ is plural, but this is … Read more