A verb for “assignment”

I wrote: These are a sequence of assignments to the context variables. They are (performed/done/executed/applied/…) when the conditions are met. Which of the verbs above is appropriate? Sometimes I use “perform” instead of “done” to make the sentence more formal! Am I right? The common meanings and collocations found in dictionary or google are most … Read more

Is the following sentence grammatically sound?

sentence: Everyone, everywhere would be caught in the deluge of the tsunami of shit that we let rage rampant. Something about the last three words feels off. Answer It would help if you could give some more information of what you would like to achieve. Guessing this is why you have a couple of downvotes … Read more

What’s the best among these expressions if in a formal news report? [closed]

Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for English Language Learners Stack Exchange. Closed 2 years ago. Improve this question the railway will become operative on Saturday. the railway will begin operation on Saturday. the railway will come into use … Read more

dislike getting married?

I’m wondering if the object of “dislike” should be something that is naturally repeatable. Does it make sense to say the following? Many women dislike getting married. Answer I think there is a sense of repetition suggested by this use of “dislike”. With no context, I think that sentence is at best ambiguous. With a … Read more

have 20% odds of Ving

I’d like to know if the following sentences are OK. Do they have the same meaning? a. Senior women have 20% odds of developing the disease. b. Senior women have 1/4 odds of developing the disease. c. Senior women have 1:4 odds of developing the disease. d. Senior women have 1-in-5 odds of developing the … Read more

Can “indefinite article” in the expression “on a … basis ” be changed to a definite article?

Salary is paid on a monthly basis. I created the sentence above. It is assumed here that a year is divided into several periods. For example, each period has three months, and salary is sometimes paid every three months. In this case, can I say as follows?: Salary is generally paid on a monthly basis, … Read more

hamper someone to V?

Can “hamper” be used in the format “hamper somebody to [verb],” as in the following? The stock market crash hampered the company to expand into the German market. I’d appreciate your help. Answer No. hamper doesn’t take an infinitival complement like that. The crash hampered the company’s expansion into the German market. Many speakers would … Read more