Term for converting to black&white

Is there a single word to denote reducing the color palette of an image to two colors: black and white? For instance, navy becomes black and beige turns into white. I know there is desaturate, but it’s too broad, can mean even a slight reduction in color. Answer The proper term for converting an image … Read more

What’s the name of the color

Can any body tell me the official name of the color? I want to say light blue, but people may not be able to get the closest image in mind. Answer That colour is called cyan. (“Pure” cyan is often considered to be RGB 0,255,255, particularly in the context of computers or printing, but the … Read more

What is the word for someone who sees music as colours?

Some people visualise specific musical keys or chords as specific colours. There is a name for this, which I think starts with chromo-. Am I remembering this correctly? Answer The general term is synesthesia, for any combination of senses (laymen also sometimes speak of “intersensoriality”), and sound-color synesthesia, or chromesthesia, for sounds and colors in … Read more

Kiwi Power Green – is that more Kiwi “Power Green” or more “Kiwi Power” Green?

Recently my wife bought a piece of toddler swimwear for our little ones. A crisp, flashy neon green cute little piece of garment that had a label on which the color name was written: “KIWI POWER GREEN”. Having worked in the fashion/apparel retail industry for almost a decade, I know color names can often be … Read more

Why are Australian redheads often called ‘bluey’?

From Wikipedia’s article on Virgin Australia: Virgin Australia was launched as Virgin Blue in August 2000, with two Boeing 737–400 aircraft, one leased from then-sister airline Virgin Express. Initially offering seven return flights a day between Brisbane and Sydney, this has since been expanded to cover all major Australian cities and many holiday destinations. The … Read more

Regional usage of “Violet” and “Purple”

I am looking to describe a flower such as the one in the following picture for a game: After showing the game to a number of beta testers, I noted that about half of them were fine with “violet” while the other half seemed confused by the term and insisted it was “purple”. After doing … Read more

What color is “puce”, and why do different people give radically different answers (purplish vs greenish)?

It seems like "puce" means two different colors depending on where you live. I always thought puce was green, then saw on Wikipedia that it is purplish-brown. Further research tells me that it’s generally regarded as purplish-brown in the United States, whereas Europeans think of intense shades of green when they hear the word. (The … Read more

Where did the words “white-collar” and “blue-collar” come from?

I can kinda see the “white-collar” image, with formal dress shirts, but “blue-collar” is not intuitive to me, and Dictionary.com and Etymonline are not helpful as to the reason for the color choice. Does anyone know the reason for the color blue in “blue-collar”? Answer “Blue collar” is a reference to the overalls worn by … Read more

Etymology of the color name “orange”

Etymonline shows orange c.1300, from O.Fr. orenge (12c.), from M.L. pomum de orenge, from It. arancia, originally narancia (Venetian naranza), alteration of Arabic naranj, from Pers. narang, from Skt. naranga-s "orange tree," of uncertain origin. Loss of initial n- probably due to confusion with definite article (e.g. une narange, una narancia), but perhaps influenced by … Read more