What is the difference between “acoustic” and “audio”?

What is the difference between “acoustic” and “audio”? Background: When I think of the class of data in the binary computer file, I don’t know the difference. One of my coworkers asserts that it is acoustic and not audio. I treat it as data. It is non-musical data. I’m guessing that my coworker understand acoustic … Read more

Do -ist words (e.g. racist) have superlative or comparative forms?

Do -ist words (e.g. racist, sexist, etc.) have superlative or comparative forms? Answer Some -ist words are used as adjectives, as I describe in my answer to “Adjectival Usage of Racist“. The -ist words that are used as adjectives, such as racist and sexist, form periphrastic superlatives and comparatives using most and more. This is … Read more

It wasn’t as good as it is (now)

The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language says this (Page 1119): Temporal contrasts The main contrast may be a matter of time, expressed by tense: [38] i It is better than [it was]. ii It wasn’t as good as [it is now]. Note, however, that where contrastive present time is associated with the comparative clause … Read more

Single word for ‘less expensive’

Is there a good single word for ‘less expensive’? I often see people using ‘cheap’ to describe it, but I feel it does not express the intention. For example, I prefer to say ‘Flight tickets are less expensive.’ instead of ‘Flight tickets are cheap’. Answer low-cost  : obtainable at a low cost — U.S. News & World … Read more