Should I use ” related” or “-related”

What is the correct use of the term “related?” For example, should I use it like computer related, or is it more proper to use computer-related (where the word “computer” is just part of my example?) Are the cases where it is used in one form and case in another form, or should it always … Read more

Which is correct, “dataset” or “data set”?

I keep writing dataset. Is that correct, or should I write data set? Answer As @mmyers notes, dataset does not appear in any dictionaries. However, there are 172 incidences in the Corpus of Contemporary American English, and all but a handful are in the “academic” section, representing formal academic writing. Its lack of appearance in … Read more

When should com­pound words be writ­ten as one word, with hy­phens, or with spaces?

Some compound words are written without hyphens (nonaggression, nonbeliever), some with hyphens (well-intentioned), and others with spaces (post office). Is there a rule or good guide as to which option should be used? Answer In English, there are three types of compound words: the closed form, in which the words are melded together, such as … Read more

Commas in Compound Sentences?

I’m confused about commas in English language. German : <main clause> and <main clause>. English: <main clause>, and <main clause>. In German I know two main clauses combined with “and” or other conjunctions do work on their own and there must be no comma like in you and me. you, and me would be wrong, … Read more

‘Resonant frequency’ or ‘resonance frequency’?

I have seen both ‘resonant frequency’ and ‘resonance frequency’ used in scientific literature. But which one, actually, is correct: ‘resonant frequency’ or ‘resonance frequency’? Answer As you noted yourself, both terms are in use (and actually yield similar amounts of Google hits). However, in my eyes the term that should be used is ‘resonance frequency’, … Read more

correct use of hyphens to connect two words

Should I use a hyphen to connect the following words? What is the general rule about that? environment friendly –> environment-friendly frontend –> front-end backend –> back-end speedup –> speed-up Answer Two words are joined by a hyphen when the collocation occurs in a non-standard context. For instance, we speak of the front end (space, … Read more