Even if / Even though

Even if/though we couldn’t manage without their help, I wouldn’t ask them The correct answer is “Even if” because (as I understand) only ‘even if’ can be used in conditional sentences. Even if we couldn’t manage without their help, I wouldn’t ask them. We didn’t ask them for help, and we wouldn’t even if the … Read more

Present Unreal Conditional and speaking about present

I would like to ask, if the sentence below is grammatical and how can we understand this sentence: If the car was sold in the last week, you wouldn’t see this in the public database yet. Also, can we understand from this sentence that selling a car in the past influence the present? I mean … Read more

What is the meaning of the statement “Tigers and lions attack if they are hungry or threatened.”?

Does it mean: 1. If a tiger/lion is hungry or threatened, it certainly WILL attack. or does it mean: 2. A tiger/lion will attack ONLY if it is hungry or threatened (and never otherwise). I want to know because the answer to this question will decide how I answer the following question on my test: … Read more

Even after + present perfect vs present simple

I came across the following sentence posted at the city of Melbourne public transportation rules, referring to the duties of the transportation officers: They can check your ticket and concession entitlement, even after you’ve left the vehicle or station. Why the verb in the dependent clause (following even after) is in Present Perfect? Would this … Read more

What’s the difference between using “would ᴠᴇʀʙ” and “would have ᴠᴇʀʙᴇᴅ” in the “then” part of conditionals?

Is there any difference between: If I were you, I would work harder. If I were you, I would have worked harder. And can we use was rather than were in both sentences? Answer Is there any difference If I were you, I would work harder is subjunctive present, which means that the verb phrase … Read more

If X or [if] Y – Should I extend conditional after “or”?

I have a message to write where the recipient may encounter two problems. It is currently written like this: “If you are having problem X or if you are having problem Y please contact Z.” I’m not sure if the second if is necessary or even allowed. Should it be: “If you are having problem … Read more