Please help me with these sentences with coordinate conjunctions

(A) Descriptive information. (1 ) A narrative summary and analysis of the information in the report; (2 ) An analysis of the 15-day Alert reports submitted during the reporting interval (all 15-day Alert reports being appropriately referenced by the applicant’s patient identification code for nonvaccine biological product reports or by the unique case identification number … Read more

Should there be a comma before “so” in the following sentence?

Consider the following sentence. JS– is an optimizing compiler for the good parts of JavaScript, which helps programmers write efficient and type-safe code so they can develop better quality software and be more productive. This sentence seems all right to me. However, when fed it to, an online grammar checker, it complained about a … Read more

“Otherwise” vs “In Case of” vs “Nonetheless” vs “Whenever”

I’m stuck with the question given by my teacher, what do you think the best answer is? Since they’re all doesn’t suit to put as conjunctions in this sentence. Answer The correct answer is (A). “otherwise”, in this context, means: In circumstances different from those present or considered; or else. Should we apply this definition … Read more

If ‘yet as’ meant the same thing as ‘as’, then why was ‘yet’ used?

Am I correct that ‘yet as’ signified merely ‘as’? E.g., can I replace the ‘yet as’ in the quote beneath with ‘as’ or ‘because’ without affecting meaning? If so, please see the titled question. What role did yet play? Paul Richards. Law of Contract (Foundation Studies in Law Series) (2019 14 edn). The authority for … Read more

Can’t make sense of a paragraph from Lovecraft

I decided to start reading some work of Lovecraft.  Reading The Beast in the Cave, I got stuck at the first paragraph I encountered: The horrible conclusion which had been gradually obtruding itself upon my confused and reluctant mind was now an awful certainty. I was lost, completely, hopelessly lost in the vast and labyrinthine … Read more

made with a and b (exclusive)?

If one makes a product with method A and a different product with method B, then is it correct to say that ‘Two products are made with A and B.’? Answer As stated it would be ambiguous, you could add the word “respectively” to make the meaning entirely clear: “Two products are made with A … Read more

Using hyphens to connect words to the same meaning (conjunction?)

I had a debate at work, over which thing would be considered the most correct way of writing the following (English): “The company offers engineering, retail and architectural services” or “The company offers engineering-, retail- and architectural services” I am from Denmark, and in Danish we use the second approach which connects Answer You can … Read more

Whereas + present participle

Is it grammatically correct to use whereas + a present participle? For example: I am disinclined to recognize my weak mathematical skills, whereas willing to admit my lack of English skills. This sounds silly to me, but the reason I am asking is because this same sentence seems to work when using while instead of … Read more