Should we not start sentences with “And” , “But” ,”So” and “Because”?

Personally, I use “but” and “so” to start sentences, but not “and” and “because”. Today I was talking to a friend of my brother on this matter, who is in 6th Grade. He takes tuition from a private tutor who told him that in early days using “and”, “but”, “so” to start a sentence was … Read more

Differences between “in order to”, “so that” and “so as to”?

Are there any differences (general or regional differences) between “in order to”, “so that” and “so as to”? I’ve seen that they may be interchangeable, but I’m not so sure. Answer Those are largely similar; however, from here and here: in order to and so as to are more formal and used before verbs like … Read more

Difference between “even if” and “even though”

When I was at university, my English teacher used to insist a lot on the difference between these two expressions, telling us that even if was to be used when introducing a hypothetical situation (Even if I knew where John is, I wouldn’t tell you), whereas even though was to be used as a concession … Read more