Why is it hard to convey tone of speech through text?

People often say it is hard to convey emotions through text (phone text) and it is best to communicate serious matters face to face. Can I get some examples where a piece of text can have completely different connotations depending on how the reader reads it? And what can we do to ensure we get … Read more

Is “girl” a valid synonym for “young woman”?

This question emerged out of a discussion on Mastodon about Ivanka Trump being called a girl, where it was claimed that “girl’ is synonymous with ‘young woman’ in English”. Is this true? Is it sexism if adult women are called “girls”? Answer First, a necessary disclaimer: context and audience matter a lot in what is … Read more

Is there any difference between “result in” and “end up with”?

Seeing some example sentences of each phrase on my dictionary, I felt “end up with” was used for a kind of negative result and “result in” was more general. Is that correct? Here are some of the examples I saw 🙂 The game result in a draw. A constant effort will result in success. After … Read more

Word for: a synonym with a positive connotation?

For example: “Cautious is just a _________ for being scared.” “Opportunistic is just a _________ for being inconsiderate.” “Not too bright is just a _________ for being dumb.” “Simple is just a _________ for being ignorant. The word is used often in politics to expose someone as being partial to a particular idea or identity. … Read more

Does the word “hovel” have an offensive connotation?

I came across the word hovel and I rather like the resonance of it. I’m aware it generally refers negatively to minimal, ramshackle dwellings, but I’m wondering whether or not the word is also politically/emotionally charged? I have no prior context, so just wanted to ask anyone familiar with how it’s used more broadly. Thanks … Read more

Is there a non-religious alternative to the expression “mixed blessing”?

In my writing I’m looking for an alternative way to say that something is a “mixed blessing”. The word “blessing” seems to carry a religious connotation. I’m seeking to convey to the reader that a specific thing that has happened has both positives and negatives for this character. “Getting invited to the party was a … Read more