Spelling for the spoken contraction of “on the” [closed]

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Let’s be printed the matter

Let’s be printed the matter. This sentence is wrong and it sounds odd. But grammatically what is the error in this sentence? Is there any specific format for Let’s? I have read on a website that “Let is followed by an infinitive without ‘to’ “. Answer “Let’s” is a contraction for “let us.” Thus, assuming … Read more

There’s vs There are

For example: There’s two options here or There are two options here I hear a lot of people say the first line (or something similar), but isn’t that incorrect? Isn’t it plural and therefore you should use “there are”? Answer Here’s an edited version of a post I did for ELU on a similar question … Read more

What does the question imply?

What does Ron’s question sound like it implies? A or B? “Wait, you were busy and were going to reply?” A: “Wait, you were going to reply after all? I thought you for sure missed my message” B: “I thought you might have missed my message, so you were just busy and were going to … Read more