What are some alternative phrases for “using the whole buffalo”?

I’m concerned that this phrase may be insensitive to Native American culture, and I’m looking for alternative, culturally sensitive ways to make a point about not wasting resources. Answer Zero waste seems to be a standard term. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero_waste http://zwia.org says : “Zero Waste: The conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse, … Read more

Why do Americans prefer to use the term grade instead of class?

I have noticed that Americans ask kids ” Which grade are you in?” while Indians ask “Which class are you studying in?” . The typical Indian reply would be say for example :” I am a 12th class student” while I guess an American student would reply :” I am currently in my 12 th … Read more

What would be the proper adjective to describe an ‘open’ padlock?

I’m trying to describe an ‘open’ padlock hanging from a latch. [‘open’, so a character can lock someone else in the following paragraph] Is ‘open’ the right term? I’ve also seen ‘unsecured’, ‘unlocked’, and ‘free’, but I’m not sure which term is of common use in American English. Answer An open lock is what you … Read more

Better expression than chauvinist for male dominant attitude

I’m getting a hard time to find an appropriate word on English with similar meaning to the portuguese word "machismo". In portuguese this word means a conservative pro-male attitude, like an attitude that reinforces patriarchy and male dominance. Example: a man that sees woman as inferior to man and should only be an house keeper … Read more

What is the proper way to spell and pronounce the name Yoanna or some certain names?

My name is “Yoanna” but I am not sure of how to pronounce or spell it properly in English. It is derived from “Joanna”. Should I write it “Joanna” and pronounce it “Yoanna” or do I stick with “Yoanna” in either cases? Also, using the example above, is it okay if I write English names … Read more

How to pronounce the programmer’s abbreviation “char”

In many programming languages, char is a type name for character values. The word character is pronounced with a [k] sound, but what about char? While trying to find the answer elsewhere, I learnt that there is an English word char which is pronounced [tʃɑ:(r)], but it has nothing to do with characters. How would … Read more