meaning of having as main verb

Some long distance trains were having more number of compartments thus making the train longer than today. In this example above what is the use of the word having ?Is it a verb or a gerund or a participle? How to identify it’s nature? The reason of my confusion is that I know that (am/is/are)-be … Read more

How to use participles

Coming here, I was arrested. The police thought I had some narcotics on me. or I was arrested, coming here. The police thought I had some narcotics on me. Do both the sentences mean the same thing? Here, is the speaker talking about his getting arrested while he was on his way here? Or is … Read more

“generated data and information” vs “data and information generated”

The data and information generated are best interpreted in face-to-face meetimg. or The generated data and information are best interpreted in face-to-face meetimg. Which is correct? is there difference in meaning? Answer Either word order is fine. See this similar question: Help with Participle constructions, such as “the discussed problems” vs. “the problems discussed” As … Read more

‘non-been Being’

The word ‘being’ can mean ‘creature’ or ‘as’ (i.e: ‘being / as a rich man’). What is the meaning of ‘non-been Being’ exactly? . Is this ambiguous? Answer Experimenting with a new language is a great way to learn. Sometimes you discover for yourself how people express their ideas in the language and sometimes you … Read more

“The Haloed Sun”? Shouldn’t it be “The Haloing Sun”?

resource: If I want to portray a deity (take Thor for example) with a halo around him, then should I say “Haloed Thor”, “Haloing Thor” or “Halo Thor”? Or none of such expressions is commonly accepted among native speakers, I should use other words? A purely linguistic question. Answer “Haloing Thor” means that Thor … Read more

What is the reason that the two adjectives are placed in a row?

“Barking,” said Uncle Vernon, “howling mad, the lot of them.” (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) ‘Howling’ and ‘mad’, all two are adjectives in dictionaries. What is the reason that the two adjectives are placed in a row? Answer It’s actually three in a row: “Barking, howling mad”. The two participles act as adverbs modifying … Read more

Participles complication

I m not really sure about using participles in this specific usage. I am sorry for leaving earlier. I am sorry for having left earlier. I used the first option when writing an email to my teacher describing I was not able to come to the meeting she arranged.But I have been doubting the second … Read more