The definite article before nouns mentioned for the first time

I’ve been taught that when one mentions an object for the first time and it’s countable, one should use a/an before it. I know that there are exceptions, when you speak of a renoun object which everybody knows, like the moon. But I cannot see why the author uses definite articles in some places in … Read more

“I am THE weekend engineer assigned to your ticket” or “I am A weekend engineer assigned to your ticket”

I understand this question is very similar to hundreds of previously asked ones, but we still cannot come to an agreement, and maybe we’ll be fighting each other soon. Which version is correct? “Hello, My name is <>, and I’m the weekend engineer assigned to your case” “Hello, My name is <>, and I’m a … Read more

Why articles being ommited sometime?

Sometime before nouns there’s no definite or indefinite articles like in this sentence (before representatives and congressional districts): The House of Representative is composed of representatives elected from congressional districts. Answer Plural nouns do not require articles. A singular noun does. There is a singular house and multiple representatives in “The House of Representatives”, which … Read more

‘On behalf of’ usage

I have read many sentences making use of ‘on behalf of’ meaning ‘as a representative of’. I know behalf is a noun, so when we could use ‘on the behalf of’ in a sentence? I consulted many websites, but none of them used ‘the’ article before ‘behalf’. Is it wrong to use ‘the’ before this … Read more

Should the article “the” be used twice with a proper noun starting with “the”?

If a proper noun includes the word “the” and we want to refer to it using the definite article, should “the” appear twice in succession? For example: “Can you pass me The Who CD?” vs. “can you pass me the The Who CD?” “The US Government passed The Hague Act” vs. “The US Government passed … Read more

The Correct Use of English Articles

Fill in the right articles: A, An, the, Ø. Boyle’s law states ____ pressure of ____ gas is inversely proportional to ____ volume of ____ gas ____ constant temperature. I Agree to @my name’s response to this question. As @my name explains pressure and volume are specific to gas, so we use “the.” But what … Read more

one or [the] other in American and British English

I’m wondering whether the definite article should be placed before “other” in the following sentence, and whether there is dialectal variation in this regard: You should ask one or [the] other of your grandparents. Answer The version without the article seems to be preferred in British English while being strongly disfavored in American English. The … Read more

Use of the article “the”: the number of the other agents or the number of other agents

I have a question regarding the use of the article “the” in the following sentence. What is correct? “[…]. The answer of each agent depends on the number of other agents answering the same.“ or “[…]. The answer of each agent depends on the number of the other agents answering the same.“ I want to … Read more

Why is the article grammatically correct in “the pyramids”?

Could you please explain to me why we add the definite article “the” to “pyramids” —–“The pyramids” even though it’s a plural noun. The grammar rule says, that we add article only to single nouns. Answer There’s no rule that says definite articles should only apply to singular nouns. A definite article just means that … Read more