“in like manner” v. “in the like manner”

1.”in like manner” or 2.”in the like manner” I thought that the latter is correct, but more digging points to the former. In Leviathan,of Hobbes, in like manner is used twenty five times, whereas in the like manner appears only four times, e.g. And these are Pleasures Of The Mind of him that draweth those … Read more

“The number of people” or “a number of people?

“The” and “A” have been genuinely giving me a lot of challenges ever since I could remember. I am to this day struggling to figure out when to use which. I am just now putting a sentence together and pretty much guessing. “I am personality speaking with a number of people who are close to … Read more

Definite or indefinite article when describing a historical person

According to this question: Definite and indefinite articles when introducing a person one can use a definite, indefinite or no article at all when introducing a particular person. Which option is the most natural in case of a historical figure, like ruins of a medieval castle built by the Polish king Casimir the Great or … Read more

Articles and Prepositions: “At/The mountain of…” and “…descended in/on her head”

The/A mountain of family responsibilities had already descended in/on her head. According to me, it is in her head. But I am not 100% sure about the answer because in the net various answers are given. Answer A mountain & on her head. Normally you will use on head if it’s something like a responsibility … Read more

“The Go Programming Language” – is the article necessary?

https://golang.org/ Not a native speaker. To me it sounds weird. I’d say “Go programming language”. Thanks Answer The article is necessary when you specify what Go is. “I can program in Go” will be comprehensible to software developers, but you might say “I can program in the Go programming language” to others, if you wanted … Read more

“control of the company” or “the control of the company”?

I saw the following sentence in OALD: He was forced to relinquish control of the company. Despite having studied English for years and having consulted some advanced grammar books, when writing in English, in some cases I don’t still know if the definite article ‘the’ should be used or not. For instance, I’m not sure … Read more

“Please confirm receipt of this email” or “Please confirm the receipt of this email”?

So, Gmail now is intelligent: it guesses what one wants to write and suggests it in advance! One thing it suggests is: Please confirm receipt of this email. But shouldn’t it be: Please confirm the receipt of this email. And correspondingly, Please confirm receipt. or Please confirm the receipt. Which one is correct/better? To write … Read more