Commas to separate a dependent clause or not?

I’m writing about a player playing a game and probabilities. I tried to cut down the sentence, so don’t concentrate too much on the sense rather than the commas. Would you write my sentence like this The player should accept if the probability that this is indeed the best item is bigger than some other … Read more

Can I add a comma here just for “rhythm”?

I have the following sentence in a technical paper: Recent research has addressed this issue in two important ways: by developing and improving on automatic algorithms and by exploring human-guided systems. Though I think this is grammatically correct, it seems like it would sound better with the addition of a comma: Recent research has addressed … Read more

Can I use the word “not” after a preposition?

Can I write something like: among people from that country and among people from not I know it can be easily rewritten as: among people that are from the country and among people that are not But I just wonder whether the first writing is grammatically correct? If it is, is it formal or informal? … Read more

Do I use “be” or “is” in this sentence?

Which of the following is correct? I request that my proposal is communicated to the team for necessary action. I request that my proposal be communicated to the team for necessary action. I would appreciate further discussion on the topic so that I do not make similar mistakes or face this indecision in future. Answer … Read more