Is ‘”snapshotting” a correct word?

For example, as part of the information message of some computer script: Snapshotting the file… Can we write snapshotting instead of taking the snapshot? Is it still correct? I’ve found an example usage of that word on Wikipedia, in the following context: … is not a snapshotting scheme but a system-level incremental backup service … … Read more

Is there a form and/or synonym of “spelling” that can be put into an adverb position such as that of “grammatically”?

That is, how would I go about converting the word “spelling” (as in the spelling of a word) to an adverb that actually sounds right in the blank of “_____-inept”? I’m pretty sure “spellingly” isn’t a word, and likewise “spellatically” doesn’t sound remotely close to any actual word (I suspect in both cases that it’s … Read more

(noun to) + (verbal noun) vs (noun to) + (verb) when there’s normally a noun after (noun + to)

I’ll give you an example: “I want to get an access to _____” Should I fill it with “doing” or “do”? Because normally after the “access to” collocation we use a noun, e.g “access to games”, “access to a horizontal bar”. So, should I use “doing” as a verbal noun because there’s only nouns used … Read more

Pick out the word in each of the following that is different (Odd One Out)

Pick out the word in each of the following that is different (Odd One Out) Intuitive, initiative, talkative, quantitative The answer is – initiative. PS – I just want to know the reason or the logic used here to pick ‘initiative’ the odd one out. Meanings: Intuitive : when one feels something to be true … Read more

Singular/Plural verb in Appositive

Many of blues great Bessie Smith’s songs describe the experiences of southern Black migrants, especially the struggles of Black women to adjust to urban life in the northern United States. In the appositive ‘the struggles of black women‘ why do we write ‘struggles’ not ‘struggle’ for describing ‘black women‘ which is plural? Why is using … Read more