one or [the] other in American and British English

I’m wondering whether the definite article should be placed before “other” in the following sentence, and whether there is dialectal variation in this regard: You should ask one or [the] other of your grandparents. Answer The version without the article seems to be preferred in British English while being strongly disfavored in American English. The … Read more

“vastly” for “to a [very] great degree; extremely” in contexts not involving comparison or measurement: BrEng vs. AmEng usage

Does using vastly to mean to a [very] great degree; extremely in contexts not involving measurement or comparison, now sound common and idiomatic to British ears, or is it still likely to be considered objectionable, or at least controversial, by a majority of educated native speakers of British English? vastly Per Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English … Read more

Is “put someone on/over to” for “put someone through/connect someone to” idiomatic?

Where in the English speaking world do they say, "put someone on/over [to]" for "put someone through/connect someone [to]" as in: If you’d like to speak direct to one of our technicians about anything, feel free to call me at 0088000900 and I’ll put you over to them. (Telec) put me on to Mr. Brown … Read more

temporal “directly” in AmEng usage: “immediately/without delay” or “shortly/in a little while”?

What does directly commonly mean in standard AmEng when used as a temporal adverb, immediately/instantly/at once/right away/without delay -or- soon/shortly/in a little while? DIRECTLY At once; instantly: Leave directly. Chiefly Southern US In a little while; shortly: He’ll be coming directly (emphasis is mine.) American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language At once; without delay. … Read more

“conclude” vs. “decide” in AmEng

Can, in some instances, conclude and decide be used just about interchangeably as far as AmEng goes? Please, consider the following examples: The committee concluded on a plan of action. The committee decided on a plan of action. -and- We decided to postpone our vacation for a week. We concluded to postpone our vacation for … Read more