He suggested that our team have a meeting vs. he suggested that our team has a meeting

My team’s boss suggested that our team should have a meeting with another team. We are currently trying to write a message to the other team but cannot come to a conclusion as to how to write a particular sentence. Here are the two sentences we are torn between Our boss suggested that our team … Read more

What’s the difference between index and indicator?

My phrase is: “The main (indexes / indicators) of regional development”. Which noun should I use? I have searched for any difference in their meanings on the Internet, but didn’t find anything certain. From my point of view (and I suppose it may be totally wrong), an indicator is something what tells us about the … Read more

She had to go there vs She had to have gone there

I understand the grammar here (past infinitive in latter) but I do not understand what is the difference in meaning. Both seem to express the same, with the latter putting (in my opinion) more emphasis on the past aspect. But it does not help me.. Answer The difference in tense means that the element of … Read more

API Queries/Requests/Calls in SaaS – What is the correct label/text?

I have an English-language related question about how to properly label “API requests” in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products. I see that various websites label them sometimes as API queries or API requests or API calls, and some websites even mix these labels. But what is the correct labeling in English language in the Information Technology / … Read more

Is there a clear difference between generic and general?

I saw this question What's the difference between "general" and "generic"? but it did not make it clear for me. I named a music folder like “General music”. It includes music of different artist and genres. Would it be better to name it “Generic music” or in this context they are completely interchangeable? Answer “Generic” … Read more

“Divert” vs “Deviate”

I am not able to understand the difference between “divert” and “deviate”. https://www.gingersoftware.com/english-online/spelling-book/confusing-words/divert-deviate This website mentioned above tries to explain but still, the 2 meanings look the same. Even if I Google the answer, this is what WikiDiff snippet says: “is that deviate is to go off course from; to change course; to change plans … Read more

When would one use the word “participance” in place of “participation”?

The Oxford English Dictionary includes three words that all appear to have the same meaning: participation, participance, and participancy. I’m curious if there is a difference between the three. participation n. The process or fact of sharing in an action, sentiment, etc.; (now esp.) active involvement in a matter or event, esp. one in which … Read more

“Where do you stay?” vs “Where do you live?”

I am not a native speaker of English and I was having a casual conversation with my friends in the US. I asked them, “Where do you stay?” (which is pretty common in India, as far as I know) for which they gave me a surprised look and told me that people generally don’t use … Read more

Cohabit versus Cohabitate?

What is the difference between cohabit and cohabitate? I know the general definition of these words, but I cannot distinguish between the two (i.e., in my mind the definitions are identical). I see that cohabit is in (Google’s) online dictionary and cohabitate is not, but in practice the two seem to be used interchangeably. Answer … Read more