Using neither…nor with ever

Example: I never drink tea. I never drink coffee. I wonder how I can connect the above sentences using neither…nor. Is it correct: I drink neither ever tea nor ever coffee. Answer The simplest way to combine the sentences is to use the coordinating conjunction “or”:  “I never drink tea or coffee.”  That works, but … Read more

“I will no longer use these tools any more.” Is this sentence correct? if not why?

Would you please elaborate your explanations on the reason why the following would be incorrect? I will no longer use these tools any more Thanks in advance Answer The sentence is grammatically correct, but as AmD points out in a comment above, the combination of “no longer” and “any more” (or “anymore”) is redundant. Instead, … Read more

What does “not one of them“ mean?

Does “not one of them” mean “more than one of them” or “none of them”? Example: Not one of them thought it necessary to avoid dogmatic statements about unicorns because he had never seen one of them. Answer Strictly mathematically, if you only had “not one”, it could mean zero, or could mean a hundred, … Read more

“Not I” or “Not me”?

After asking about “me” for answering a question. at Answering a question with “Me” instead of “I” + <auxiliary verb>, I think I understand how to use “me” for answering a question. However, I just remembered reading a children book, The Little Red Hen, many months ago and I found some sentences from that book. … Read more

Can we use “although” and “but” together i.e. in one sentence?

Is this a correct English sentence? Although, I’m not very clear about the reason, but that’s where the problem lies. Can ‘although’ and ‘but’ be used together in one sentence? Answer Although and But, both can be used to introduce a statement that make your main sentence surprising It’s an old car, but it’s very … Read more