Signing off an email with ‘on behalf of’?

I am writing an email as one of the committee members of a voluntary organization. Is this an appropriate way to sign off an informal email whose audience is professionals? Regards, On behalf of <organization>, John Doe Answer There are multiple parts to this question. The first is whether the three statements, in that order, … Read more

Correct capitalization of “please contact our Customer Support team”

What should the correct capitalization of the following sentence be? “If there are any other issues please contact our customer support team.” This is not a title or a heading, this is the last sentence in an email. I believe that Customer and Support should both be capitalized, since it is the name of the … Read more

Word for email that renders across all devices?

It’s important for our emails to render without issues across all supported email clients and devices: Outlook, Yahoo, Comcast, Gmail, iPhone, Android, tablets, etc. The only word I can think of is “bulletproof” (“bulletproof email”, “bulletproof email components”) but I’m not sure if that’s the correct technical term: We have a focus on developing (“bulletproof”) … Read more

better expression for telling about your uncertain schedule

I am responding to an email where another person is asking about when I will be available next week?. Now, I am not yet sure about my next week schedule. It depends on couple of important must-have meetings which are not scheduled yet. I wrote following response: Right now, I am not certain about my … Read more

Shoud I use a new line after Hi (someone’s name) in e-mail?

In an e-mail, suppose we start with Hi John. Should I follow with Hi John, some content (i) or Hi John, some content (ii) Is there any etiquette behind choice (i) vs (ii)? Answer You should use two new lines, so that there is a blank line between the “Hi John,” and the beginning of … Read more