Is it ever acceptable for a period to come after a quote at the end of a sentence?

Possible Duplicate: Is it correct to use “punctuation outside of the quotations”, or “inside?” I’ve heard that you should always place ending punctuation inside of quotes, no matter what. Are there any cases where it is appropriate for a sentence to end with “.? Answer Yes. See the Economist style guide: If the quotation does … Read more

Can a word be contracted twice (e.g. “I’ven’t”)?

I’ve seen a contraction of two words. I can’t see why it wouldn’t’ve been possible to have been contracted twice. Is it possible and how should it be punctuated? Update: Ok, to sum up the answers so far This appears in spoken British and American English It is from one of the lower registers of … Read more

Correct way to use “most written in” and “most written by” in one sentence?

I am trying to make a sentence like this: As of now, this library has 20 books, most written in English, most books are written by James. It should state that most books are written in English, but it must not mean that James only wrote most of the books in English, since he wrote … Read more

The usage of a comma with conjunctions

I am a little confused about the usage of a comma in sentences with conjunctions. For example: Dairying is concerned not only with the production of milk but with the manufacture of milk products. Can we put a comma before but? Can we say “Dairying is concerned not only with the production of milk, but … Read more

Beginning quotes with square brackets

I have difficulty understanding why in this article approximately half of the quotes start with a letter in square brackets. What is the reason? Some examples: "[S]ame-sex segregation is a group phenomenon that arises from social processes that are related to gender identity and labeling common to all members of a sex, rather than to … Read more

Comma and semicolon

I read this long sentence in today’s newspaper: Police believe the pirates who attacked the Singapore-owned oil tanker in the Straits of Malacca near Pulau Ketam early Tuesday, may have had “inside help” Is it better if I put a comma or semicolon as follows: Police believe the pirates, who attacked the Singapore-owned oil tanker … Read more