Someone whose aspirations exceed abilities or means

What would be a clear and concise way to describe someone whose ambitions or aspirations far exceed his means or abilities? Answer “His reach exceeds his grasp.” This comes from Robert Browning’s poem ‘Andrea del Sarto‘ which contains the lines: Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for? AttributionSource … Read more

Syn­o­nym for a “help-seeker”

Imag­ine this sce­nario: Some­one claims to have been blessed with un­spec­i­fied spe­cial pow­ers by God or some­thing sim­i­lar (a self-pro­claimed prophet, a for­tune-teller, a psy­chic) . A row of peo­ple forms be­fore their door who be­lieve that per­son might help them. What do you call these peo­ple? The word beg­gar, due to its con­no­ta­tions, seems … Read more

What is an adjective for genuinely thinking oneself as skillful or knowing a lot about a particular subject but is actually inexperienced?

What is an adjective for genuinely thinking oneself as skillful or knowing a lot about a particular subject but is actually inexperienced? Example: Jack thought knew a lot in this area, but he actually didn’t. Jack was ____. This is different from the question What is a word or phrase for someone who professes to … Read more

What is the equivalent of “workholic” for the family-obsessed?

Is there an equivalent of "workaholic" (a person who feels compelled to work excessively) to describe a person who feels compelled to identify with raising a family in a similarly excessive fashion? Note the emphasis on the word excessively, which means this word tends to have–just has workholic does–a connotation of disapproval. The word doesn’t … Read more

Idiom for a person who gets owned/caught red handed for his mistake but shows as if nothing is wrong

What is the idiom/expression for a person who gets owned/caught red-handed for his logical fallacy/mistake/theft and knows he is wrong but has the tenacity to show as if nothing is wrong? In fact, he ridicules the corrector as if he were absurd to accuse an infallible person. Answer I think you may use the idiomatic … Read more

What to call someone who is unable/bad in holding a converstation

Okay, So I am in often in a conversation with this person. But I have now realized that all our talks have been futile because he keeps on repeating the same topics. Topics I have talked about before. I just want to tell him you are ‘x word‘ and don’t want to continue having conversations … Read more

Is there a word for someone who does something specifically to use it against someone else?

The best word I can think of to describe the person would be to call them a martyr, but I do not know if that is the proper use of the word, or if there is a better one. I say martyr because someone with a martyr complex is someone who uses their suffering and … Read more

A word to describe somebody with smartphone-only tech skills

I’m stuck finding a word to use for somebody who thinks he has tech skills because he can use the latest trendy mobile apps, though in fact he knows nothing about technology (e.g. how an app is made: how to create it). Answer A person who knows how to use a fancy state-of-the-art app with … Read more