Who/whom puzzle

The Blue Book of Grammar has a question: “John knows WHO/WHOM the winner is.” The correct answer is: “John knows WHO the winner is.” But … The main clause is “John Knows.” But WHOM is actually the pronoun of “the winner” and the verb “is”. I used the usual rules and got 9 / 10 … Read more

When he first entered the classroom no one knew who/whom/whoever/whomever he was?

I am unable to understand which one is the correct? Answer The choice between who[ever]/whom[ever] comes down to the role of the relative pronoun in the subordinate clause. In this case, it will be nominative rather than oblique since who is linked to he by was. Now, for whoever vs who, whoever implies an indefiniteness … Read more

Who you gave your electric guitar to?

Who you gave your electric guitar to? Is the above question grammatically apt? Answer It’s not strictly correct but it is ideomatic (what a lot of native speakers would say). However it is not a question it is part of a statement. As @ParthShah says the question would be Who did you give your electric … Read more