The difference between “…to {get, arrive, reach, come} here on time.”

This is a B2 question taken from an old English test paper. The student has an original sentence and is given a new word which they must use to create a new sentence–using between two and five words–without changing the meaning of the original. There’s no chance of Jenny getting here on time POSSIBLE It … Read more

“The story was so ____ that I cannot tell what will happen.” – what will be the required word here?

"The story was so ____ that I cannot tell what will happen." a) terrible b) good c) short d) funny The book said the answer is (a). However, I can’t understand the reasoning behind their choice. In my opinion, both (a) and (c) can be chosen as an answer. Heck, (b) and (d) work as … Read more

Can I describe an apple as “Half of an apple, it is red”?

Part of the TOEIC test is to describe pictures. So I’m picking random pictures and describing as many as possible. And my goal is to get a perfect score on TOEIC. How can I describe this picture of an apple? It isn’t entirely red but partially green and yellow inside. So I can’t describe it … Read more

What is the error in “as both are quite unpleasant experiences”?

I got a sentence correction question, and I am having a hard time trying to figure out what and why exactly the error lies in the "as both are quite unpleasant experiences" part of the following sentence. You must avoid riding in a crowded bus / or travelling in a metro / during rush hour … Read more

Is “influence on” or “influence over” correct in this sentence?

Despite being (a)\ a good teacher, (b)\ he has no influence on his pupil. (c)\ No error (d) I am confused between option (c) and (d). I can’t understand which phrase would be more appropriate, "influence on" or "influence over" in this context. Can both of them be used interchangeably? In that case the answer … Read more

Cheap products are often inferior/ more inferior

Cheap products are often_______ Options: A.more inferior/ B.much inferior / C.inferior / D.very inferior The given answer is inferior Is inferior already in comparative degree? So that "more" can’t be added with inferior? Answer "Inferior" is not a the comparative degree (in English, it is the comparative degree in Latin) However it’s meaning is relative. … Read more

Why is “to accept” used in “I was happy to accept the appointment”?

I was happy ________ the appointment. A. to accept B. to be accepting C. to have accepted D. accepting The given answer is to accept Whether an infinitive should follow the adjective happy? Why are other options not correct? Answer "Happy to accept" is the idiomatic use. In the sense of "content or satisfied" the … Read more

Why isn’t “the passengers were perished” correct?

The plane was crashed and the passengers _________ perished (OR) were perished The given answer is perished. According to my understanding, Since and is a conjunction, it connects passive voice with passive voice. The part of the sentence before and is in passive voice. So is the part after and should also be in passive … Read more

Why “rising” is used in “From here we can watch the ___________ of the sun”

From here we can watch the ________ of the sun Options given are A.rise / B.rising / C.risen / D.rose The given answer is rising. Why is this gerund given as the answer? I checked the catenative verbs followed by a gerund list in Wiktionary, and watch is not included. So I am under the … Read more